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Doctor Diagnosis

The Gulf Coast Endoscopy Center of Venice is a provider of ambulatory surgery services.  We are committed to caring for our physicians, patients and providers with excellence in care, efficiency, effectiveness, safety and quality outcomes at a reasonable cost.


We foster and measure professional growth and competency of our employees and physicians.


We empower all employees to take reasonable action to meet the express needs of patients and others to identify opportunities to improve care and service.  Through our efforts, we aspire to serve the people of our community.


We endeavor to be recognized as a creative leader in the provider of quality ambulatory services that will improve the health of our community.


We strive to become the Center of choice for community members, physician organizations and health plans.


1. Excellence: Exceeding others’ expectations; doing things right the first time and continually improving performance.


2. Creativity: Using our knowledge and imagination to enhance and/or develop new programs, services and relationships.


3. Integrity: Living in harmony with our values; being honest and responsible at all times.  Take ownership of our performance and support the common goal of the Center.


4. Caring: Anticipating and meeting the needs of our patients, physicians and staff with compassion and sincerity.


5. Leadership: Integrating the right attitudes and the right people to create the most productive atmosphere as a service organization.


6. Teamwork: Respecting and working together, sharing our skills and talents to effectively meet the goals of the Center.  Treat others how we want to be treated.


7. Competency: Requiring the technical expertise, interpersonal effectiveness and commitment to lifelong learning of all of our staff members.

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