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Our goal at Gulf Coast Endoscopy and Surgery Center is to protect the health of our patients, staff and community. We are closely monitoring the latest information on the coronavirus illness. We encourage everyone to follow the latest information from the CDC to prevent the spread of infection.  All patients will be screened and/or tested for COVID-19.


Please note that for the safety of all involved, no one will be allowed inside the Center with the patient.  Those people providing rides for the patients must stay with their cars or return to the Center to pick up the patient.  A mobile cell phone number MUST be provided where the ride can be reached to pick up their patient.


If you have concerns or questions about COVID-19 or are exhibiting symptoms, please contact your primary care provider.





Ophthalmology Procedure:

You have just had an ophthalmology procedure.  We at the Gulf Coast Endoscopy and Surgery Center are interested in your complete and uncomplicated recovery.  If you had anesthesia, the following guidelines, used in conjunction with your doctor’s specific postoperative instructions will help you achieve that goal.


Some of the medications you received during your procedure can stay in your body for up to 24 hours. Because these drugs can affect your reflexes and sense of balance, you should go straight home and rest for the remainder of the day.  We strongly suggest that you have a responsible adult with you for the first few hours after the procedure.  Resume taking any medications prescribed to you prior to procedure.


Most people feel tired or sleepy after their procedure usually for around 24 hours.  You should take frequent rest periods and gradually increase your physical activity until you can maintain your normal activity level.


Oxygen administered during the procedure can be very drying to the nasal membranes.  The nasal membrane responds to this dryness by producing excess moisture.  A runny nose is not uncommon after the procedure, and will subside once the moisture is restored.


Some patients experience a mild headache after the procedure.  This is usually due to hunger.  Once you have eaten the headache should go away.


It is normal for the I.V. site to be bruised, slightly reddened, and a little sore.  Warm packs applied to the site will help relieve some of the discomfort.  If the area becomes hard and swollen, if a red line appears along the vein above the insertion site, please notify either your physician or the Endoscopy Center.


Please follow your physician’s instructions carefully.